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  • What are the Steps when selling a package?
  • What is the total price for Our Pool Packages
    - 10 (30 min) Lessons ...$320.25 - 10 (60 min) Lessons $509.25 - Summer Membership..... $561.73 - Group of 2 ....$472.50 - Group of 3.... $614.25 - Group of 5 ....... $813.75
  • What is the total price for Your Pool Packages?
    10 (30 min) Lessons ................................ $383.25 10 ( 60 min) Lessons ................................ $ 593.25 Summer Membership ............................ $561.73 Group of 2 ................................................... $ 567.00 Group of 3 ................................................... $740.25 Group of 5 ................................................... $1,002.75
  • How can I avoid paying the processing fee?
    You may make a payment via Zelle.
  • How can I pay via Zelle or Cash App?
    To make a payment via
  • Does everyone have to pay a Membership Fee
    Yes, a membership fee is required for each participant.
  • How soon is a schedule given to clients after paying?
    All schedules are produced within 24-72 hours upon completion of paying.
  • What is an Account credit?
    It is the dollar value of classes that are generally placed on hold. This dollar value can be used to repurchase lessons at a later time
  • What is onboarding and does every client have to have it?
    Yes, onboarding is completed after paying for lessons and gets parents and participants acclimated with our app, website, procedures, and what to expect.
  • What does it mean when an Account is on hold?
    Is for a customer that would like to hold their lessons for a particular time period until they wsh to resume lessons. it is calculated by taking the dollar amount of the lesseons and multiply by how many lessons they have left
  • What is OnBoarding?
    It literally means OnBoarding, it is when we train a customer on how the program works, how the app works, how to schedule by themselves...
  • What is a Pass and a Plan?
    Pass: The amount of lessons they have on the account. Plan: is the monthly renewing bill
  • Past Visits Explained
    It is the history of classes that were scheduled. We can know which was competed incomplete canceled or was a no show -Complete: The class been successfully done -Incomplete:It means the class wasn’t entirely done and has to be rescheduled for various reasons: weather,pools issues... -Late Cancellation: client canceled at the last minute. The class is lost as they didn’t give a 24h notice. -No show: means the client didn’t show up to a class that was scheduled and didn’t give a 24h notice. It’s a lost class and count as completed. Clients hate to hear
  • What is a Starred Note?
    Are the notes we add as private and starred with the clients address and number so the coach can see them. They should also indicate if the lessons are held at : private pool (home), Community pool, partner pool or LA Fitness
  • What are Waivers?
    Documents taht are signed by the cistomer. They have to be signed before the customer starts the lesson. It make sure they accept our polices
  • What does 'Double Up' mean?
    This means scheduling classes back to back. It happens when the client wants to finish classes fast.
  • 3 Types of Pools Described
    Community Pool It is a pool used in a community of homes that are shared between the differents home owners living there. Partner Pool It is pool that Intella is renting for the use of our customers Private Pool Is a pool of a home owner that have pool in their backyard or inside of their home and the lessons are done there.
  • What is a "No Show"
    Coach must provide proof: a selfie picture of themselves at the pool and a screenshot of communications
  • What is a "Sub"?
    It iterally means a substitute. When a coach can’t make it or quit, we find another as temporary or permanent replacement
  • Client or Tutor not Online?
    If a client is not online - you must take the immediate necessary steps to ensure all parties are contacted. Every minute of them not being online is time lost. Where a tutor may feel like they are loosing out on money and a customer feels like they are paying for time and not getting it and also loosing money . First contact the opposing party that’s not online by text and call. To ensure they are online. First time customers for their first class generally have the most issues with connecting, so it’s good for their time to be made up their time if it’s over 8 minutes . Keep in mind customers will use technical difficulties as a reason behind rescheduling or being late, although zoom does have difficulties, be sure to measure if they are being sincere. When signing onto zoom the meeting ID and passcode must match. The passcode is case sensitive!
  • Zoom Technical Issues
    Zoom Technical Issues: Most often technical issues can arise with zoom when a few things happen: 1. The tutor is not on their Personal Meeting ID account 2. When a student cannot get past the meeting codes. There is a Meeting ID that must match and a passcode that is case sensitive . It must be entered directly. To avoid entering in the codes, the student should click on the link that was sent to their email to bypass the codes. When zoom shows the host is in another meeting, it could mean the host is not on their personal meeting ID, so the tutor should quit the meeting and rejoin and check to see if the student is there in the waiting room.
  • Invoices: Zelle Cash App, By Card
    When a customer receives an invoice on Wix , they are given options to pay. They can pay by bank card, PayPal and offline payments . Offline payments are with Cash App and Zelle, these are mobile payment options like Orange Money or Waive. Since it is an external payment option with Wix, these payments have to be recorded once we confirm receipt of payment from Zelle or Cash App. When paying by Offline Method ( cash app or Zelle) there are no Processing fees . There are only processing fees when paying by bank card or PayPal . It’s important to note if we are sending an invoice even if we know they are paying by Zelle or an offline method that we still include processing fees. The reason is they could change their mind and pay by card and when they do, it means the processing fee should be there . If we did it this way, by sending it with the processing fees and they do decide to pay with Zelle or offline method - then in this case we would edit the invoice and take off the processing fee BEFORE recording the payment on Wix.
  • Tentative Blocks
    A tentative block is something we place on the staff members profile. This is generally to reserve a slot for a potential customer or a customer that is renewing. This is done to avoid giving a renewing customers time slot to someone else. These alerts come up in yellow in ISS/ITS and should be paid attention to when booking someone else in that given slot. You can place tentative blocks on a schedule to be pro-active and be attentive to our renewals which are our loyal customers. ITS RENEWAL NOTES For ITS; even if it’s not a tentative block on the schedule ; we still have to look at who had the slot in the past , before we just give to someone . The renewal rate for ITS is 90%. Meaning families want consistency , same tutor, same schedule. They just want to be able to pay again and keep it all the same unless they need a change. It’s what everyone loved about us. It’s also why we contact the families when they have two left , to see if they want to renew ; so we can keep their slot or give it away
  • When Answering the phone
    Always greet with the customers name as it is saved on the phone. It is very important that customers feel I our appreciation and understanding of them. Once way to do that is to greet them by name, remember their situation or family, always use pleasantries in text. When a customer is upset or confused and you are texting it is ALWAYS best to call them directly - so they do not get confused with your tone - as text messages can be interrupted in many different ways
  • Referral Credits
    When a client refers someone it means they are loving our service enough to refer their friends. Referral Credits are one free private 30 min swim or tutoring session. In order to issue the credit you must go to the shopping cart on the profile and add the FREE CLASS. Not doing this will also trigger an Unpaid Visit. When coach/tutor refers someone offer it means they will get a referral bonus added to their next pay check. A pending pay option should be registered or a note placed on their account. All referral credits are issued once the new client fully registers and pays. Referrals are issued per family NOT per student/swimmer.
  • Abbreviations
    ISS: IntellaSport ITS: IntellaTutor OB: Onboarding MC: Missed Call FU: Follow Up
  • What is an Account Coordinator?
    The AC is responsible for handling all their assigned clients immediate questions progress update or changes and schedule changes. The AC role is also to make sure the coach schedule doesn’t have any gap or errors
  • What is a makeup Class?
    It is a missed or canceled class that need to be rescheduled
  • What does NWSU mean?
    Literally means New Wix Sign up. It when we have a new client who needs to be Register, have starred notes and whose schedule needs to be created.
  • What is a renewal?
    They are our loyal customers who renew their membership during all the year. We should always try to keep their schedule the same.
  • What does "to Map" mean?
    Is to measure the distance between the class before and the class after the one you vmwant to schedule. As a rule of thumb always give a coach 30 mins unless it’s way over or under 30mins
  • ISS & ITS: Rescheduling a no-show or late cancellation
    - ITS: A client is issued a one time courtesy reschedule - specifically for new customers. If a courtesy reschedule is issued , we must first check the text history and notes on the account to see if a courtesy credit was issued in the past. If a courtesy credit is issued the tutor must know not to mark it as a no show. It’s important to know customers will say there were technical difficulties to avoid loosing the class. This is not always believable. Also when making a decision to issue a courtesy reschedule, it’s important to takeintoaccounthowmanycourtesyclassesthat particular tutor had recently, as having to many - registers in their mind that they are loosing money and not being paid for their time. If you do not offer the courtesy reschedule due to them already having one or not having a valid reason, you must markitasanoshowandchargethecustomerby deducting the class from their plan/pass ⁃ISS: We do not offer courtesy reschedules for late cancellations or no shows, the only exception is if this customerhashadmanybadexperiences,coach changed , coach cancellations and negative feedback , then we want to oblige and offer them a courtesy reschedule.
  • Group Class Policy
    Group Class Policies: Individuals participating in group classes, receive discounted rates because are doing group classes. Meaning they are all taught in group session simultaneously. However if the coach sees that each student is on different levels, the coach may divide the time evenly amongst the participants of the group for better results. If one or two members of the group misses a class, it cannot be made up, as it’s a group class and the class will still go on. If the entire group wishes to reschedule, all members must agree to reschedule the class
  • Reminder text Schedule
    We send reminder texts as a courtesy to customers to make sure they don’t miss a session but it’s not be confused that it is required by us. For the clients schedule before 12noon or at 13 noon. The reminder should be sent at 6am. Any classes after 12noon Send the reminder at 12noon
  • Converting Classes
    Often times a customer would like to convert a package to another package or upgrade, this is very seldom. However it is most common in ISS. When a customer wants to convert class, you must calculate the amount of time for the conversion. Then cancel the pass and IMPORT the new pass. ISS: Convert 10 thirty sessions to sixty minute sessions: 5 sixty min sessions Convert 10 thirty minute sessions to forty-five minute sessions: 8 forty-five mute sessions Convert 16 forty five minute sessions to thirty minute sessions: 24 thirty minutes sessions. Metrics: The value of one 45 min session = 1.5 thirty minute session.
  • Checking for Missed Calls
    Missed Calls and Text Messages is the very most important aspect of our business. It is how we connect from us to the client. Always check for missed calls in your shift, send text messages of missed calls etc.
  • Student Notes & Tutor/Coach Notes
    A parent may send updated notes via text or calling regarding the progress of the student or what the student should be focusing on in an upcoming session. When they forward or email documents over, the information should be forwarded to the tutor and omitting the number or email of them client . As tutors do not have contact information for ANY student , unless otherwise noted . Or vise versa if the tutor has pressing information for a client it should be sent to them, otherwise it’s is required by all tutors to leave progress notes on the account for the parent to review. This also applies to ISS. 27 choose GO TO ACCOUNT, from their it will prompt them to gain access to their account. Once they gain access it asks them to answer certain questions including the card details - after this step they must sign! Once they have successfully signed all documents they will be in their account and can access it by seeing DASHBOARD. In order to sign into the account, they must register their account online first.
  • Completing Online Waivers
    When creating the account the parent must sign up and select their birthday and NOT the child’s otherwise it will not allow them to sign the waiver . The waivers must be fully signed in order to gain access to the account. There is a section that ask for the card number, expiration and CVV2 ( 3 digits on the back) - if the customer paid by Zelle they can just type ZELLE and make up the expiration and choose None for CVV2 - if they paid by card they can enter their card number followed by seven zeros with no space in between. The client should understand that this is not to charge their card but instead it is an authorization saying you allowed us to charge your card. To access and create their account - you can choose the RESEND WELCOME EMAIL option on the client account and once they receive it - they should go to the VERY BOTTOM of the email and
  • Overdue on Wix & Unpaid on ISS/ITS
    There are cases where systems will recognize inaccuracies in accounting records or billing , this is designed this way to help prevent clients from having classes that aren’t paid for. Wix and ITS/ISS, operate on different systems , so the vocabulary has similar but different meanings. Wix: Overdue: this is a red notice normally seen next to an invoice that hasn’t been paid after 7 days or longer. It means the customer is either no longer interested or forgot about the services. So periodically we will send texts to see if the customer is still interested in starting our services . We add these customers to our Overdue Invoice list so the sales team always can call them in the future to propose the service again. ISS/ITS: Unpaid: this is a MAJOR alert. It means the system is not registering their plan or pass they paid for. Plans: Are monthly packages , that renews in the system automatically, however it does NOT
  • Accounts on Hold and placing the account on hold the day of a scheduled class:
    A client can request to place their account on hold for various reasons , in this case we would provide an account credit by taking the value of the remaining classes their account. Use the current values below to determine credit value. Always choose the option to notify the client of the credit being added.
  • When to issue a free class/ Approval from manager
    Free classes can be issued when there are repeated issues on our end, that are due to our negligence. You can notify the client that you will put in a request to see if the free class can be approved. When sending the note to the manager it should be in this format: Client Name: # of Completed Classes: Pass Type: Situation: Await for approval and add a free class on their account if approved
  • How to accommodate a tutor or coaches request:
    Often times a tutor or coach may have a request time off or to block off their schedule. In some cases it may interfere with their current schedule and in other cases it poses no conflict. When a tutor or coach is hired, they have a 30 day probationary period where they cannot miss any days of work, there can block of a certain hour of their availability if they have a prior engagement. When tutors are hired they choose their own availability and days they want to work. If a tutor needs to block out their schedule for a particular hour of the day, they can ask this or post notes on their staff profile. If it DOES NOT interfere with their current schedule ( meaning a student isn’t currently scheduled in that time) and it poses no immediate conflict, they you can oblige and accept the request If their request DOES interfere with their current schedule and it’s possible to move one family up and if the family approves then it is possible -. If it’s not possible tell the staff member It’s not possible most times the tutor or coach will accept and it can remain as it is - BUT if the staff member comes back and says I cannot absolutely do that time, then we will have to reschedule. This cannot be a repeating request , if it becomes like Ashley lol - it’s time to find a replacement.
  • How soon should a tutor stay online before marking no show, or stay at pool before marking no show:
    ISS: The coach must contact us and inform us of the no show. The coach must make contact by phone and by text , if no answer/no show they must take a screenshot of the attempts of communication, the coach also must take a selfie picture of themselves at the pool. The admin team MUST go in and charge the client for the no show! ITS: The tutor must contact us to inform us of the student not being present . The admin team must call and text the client to see if they are joining . If the client does not show - they must take a picture of their screen showing the participants in the room , and the time they have been in zoom, and the clock on their computer ( all in one picture). The admin team MUST charge the client for a no show. How long should they wait ?: Tutors and Coaches should wait at least half of the class time before leaving unless the client told us they will not come - in that case they can leave immediately .
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